Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sounds Around Me

For this assignment I wanted to make sure I heard as much as possible, since it's not something I do everyday or ever actually. So to not limit myself, I did this exercise in two ways, first I walked around for a half hour and tried to take mental note of what I was hearing. Then I sat down in a remote location and took some more notes. It was actually a lot more interesting than I anticipated.
                  I decided to walk aimlessly around Hunter, in all different directions. Some of the stuff I picked up on right away was the cars. Not only all the honking that we are so used to in the city, but the tires hitting the street, and a lot of doors slamming. Other stuff I heard was music, but not from cars, from people’s really loud headphones. As I walked past random stores, I could hear the creaking of some of the doors or the little ringing bell as costumers walked in and out and their voices diminished/got louder as well. One last thing I picked up on was when I walked by a food store, and the employee was outside ripping cardboard, never realized how loud it could make of a sound.
                  I decided to take a seat on one of the benches in central park, the cars were still the loudest thing I could hear, but as many people walked by their conversations became clearer. One person was telling their friend about a castle in Germany, which I found interesting. Dogs were loud as well, if it wasn’t the collars , it was the multiple noises that come out of them. So many dogs walked by, they were al l similar when it comes to sound. A stroller ‘s wheels also made a noise which caught me off guard. 

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