Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sound and Image

I watched a 5 minute clip called "24 hours in New York City", I found the clip on YouTube and it did a great job portraying what New York is all about in only 5 minutes. The way it was organized was clear. The person chose specific well known NYC locations such as Central Park or Chinatown and had videos and still of what the lifestyle is in these areas. It was really cool because he kept changing the music too as a way for us to get the feel of the type of area whether fast paced or a more relaxed environment. For example for central park, he had the ambient sound of people playing in the park and a relaxed music as the background. For  the MoMa as well, very artsy shots of the place and piano music which goes well with a museum like that one. I also liked how between every different location the creator made sure to let us know the time of the day it was and the name of the area he is introducing next,  it kept the whole video organized. It didn't seem so seamless, because the person is trying to fit NYC in 5 minutes, but he stuck to the quick shots that reflect how fast paced this city really is. It was well composed even when the music would change it wasn't abrupt and the angles were so many that a tourist would absolutely know a lot about New York by watching this video.

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