Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog 4... Canemaker

John Canemaker's presentation
Was definatley something I didn't expect. Before the screening, I was not looking forward to it because I personally have never been interested in animation. After the first screening of "Confesssions of a star dreamer", it actually intrigued me especially his approach of reality within the animation. That is one unique aspect I think could get anyone watching. One part that pops in my head is from the beginning when we see a montage while there is screaming going on. This is when I wondered how real his images were. It wasn't until the second screening of "The moon and the sun" we're I really got into it. The way he used such childish animation to portray a very powerful story worked very well. I also appreciated how much he let is in on his personal life and his feelings within. I think the combination of his personal story, the animation, and the graphics made it an amazing piece. After the screening when he explained the process and the background of the story it made it even more powerful. He is very creative and opened my eyes because I was always very anti animation.

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